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A 3rd person stealth fetch quest game.

Winner of the Auckland University of Technology, Ad:Tech Innovation Award (2017)

This was a four person student project in Unreal Engine 4. The project explored the effect of manipulative advertising on the mass, through our fictional corporation Lifestyle Dynamics.

The goal of the game is to infiltrate Lifestyle Dynamics headquaters and put an end to their evil plans.

The year is 2214, technology and AI has evolved and become largely integrated into everyone’s lives. This has led to a series of upgrades to the human body to make them more robotic for the benefit of humans. A multinational robotics company, Lifestyle Dynamics Corp., has been initiating these upgrades for the past 20 years and promoting them through advertising. They originally started the company with the intention to create robotic body parts to help amputees or the physically disabled live a normal lifestyle. However, over recent years, Lifestyle Dynamics began to gain so much money and control from people buying into their products that they became power-hungry. This lead them to create more products for human augmentation which eventually became a normal part of life for society, even for those without physical disabilities. The whole human body, excluding the brain, has now been replaced with robotic parts manufactured by Lifestyle Dynamics. The final upgrade being promoted by the corporation involves an add-on chip to the headpiece called Neural Freedom which will allow Lifestyle Dynamics to have control of the last remaining human part of their body - the brain. Society is unaware of this consequence and the fact that Lifestyle Dynamics is abusing their power. Instead, they believe the false, positive messages being advertised around them which states the chip is designed to help them complete everyday mundane tasks by putting their body on autopilot and letting their brain relax.

As the child of Lifestyle Dynamics’ lead technician who has mysteriously gone missing after uncovering the corporation’s evil plans, you must make your way through a city overwhelmed with advertisements and people already being controlled by Lifestyle Dynamics, to make your way to the corporation’s headquarters and shut them down once and for all. Try to shut down all the Neural Freedom advertisements that you come across on your journey, but get caught by the controlled citizens and you will find yourself being forced to get the Neural Freedom chip installed into your own headpiece.


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