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A multiplayer 3D Arena Brawler, where all the characters are drunk.

Winner of the Auckland University of Technology, AR/VR Garage Award (2017)

This was my graduation project, a 3D fighter where I played with ragdoll and bone physics to create a drunken effect.

The aim of the game is to incapacitate your opponents and throw them out of the Tavern. The last lumberjack remaining, wins. The game was made in Unreal Engine 4.

When concepting this project, I was inspired by games like Shrek SuperSlam, Gang Beasts, Shrek SuperSlam, Super Smash Bros, Ultra Digimon All-Star Punchtime Battle Royale, Shrek SuperSlam and last but not least Solitaire.


    Sujay Chand (Myself) - Programmer, Technical Artist, Game Designer and Project Manager

    Ryan Sue - 3D Artist and Level Designer

    Harry O'Connor - UI and Sound

Special Thanks To: