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>A Co-op Bullet Hell Twin Stick Shooter, where players share weaponry and have to survive swarms of enemy ships.

The project I worked on during Global Game Jam 18. This project was done in Unity and I worked as a programmer, predominantly working on the transmission of ammo and controller support.


Note: This game can only be played with 2 controllers.

Left Trigger - Shoots Left Weapon

Right Trigger - Shoots Right Weapon

Left Bumper - Transfer Left Weapon

Right Bumper - Transfers Right Weapon

A player can only transfer, if they have 2 weapons.


    Sujay Chand (Myself) - Programmer

    Jeff Mincheng Mu - Programmer

    Mun Hou Yong - Programmer

    Nathan Situ- Programmer

    Cliff Chen - 2D and 3D Artist